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Meet the 2018-2019 High School Mighty Elks Football Team

2018-2019 Mighty Elks Football

back, from left: Will R, Tate B, Mason W, Nate R, Luke P, Jeremiah M, Ethan H

front, from left: Pedro D, Justin W, Edgar M, Colton M, Hunter W, Joseph R & Grayson B 

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hitt Photography


HS Varsity Football

HS Junior Varsity Football-

All State Football 2017

Tristan P-All State Kicker

All Region Football 2017

Wedo M-All Region Football Tristan P-All Region Football

All District Football 2017

Tristan P-All District FootballJeremiah M-All District FootballWedo M--All District Football

Ethan M-All District FootballColton Mc-All District FootballEthan H-All District FootballMason W-All District FootballLuke P-All District FootballCody J-All District Football


Meet the 2017 Mighty Elks

HS Mighty Elks Football team


#7 Jeremiah M.-Jr.
#32 Mason W.-Jr.
#8 Luke P.-Jr.
#22 Justin Q.-Jr.
#44 Brandon Q.-Jr.
#3 Tristan P.-Sr.
#34 Tate B.-Soph
#12 Ethan M.-Sr.
#10 Tyler M.-Sr.
#23 Ethan H.-Fr
#16 Cody J.-Sr.
#15 Wedo M.-Sr
#17 William R.-Soph
#50 Buddy L.-Soph
#5 Colton M.-Soph
#20 Matthew R.-Soph
#40 Grayson B.-Soph
#2 Pedro D.-Fr
#55 Andrew L.-Soph
#9 Shane L. -Jr
#42 Joseph R.-Soph 



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