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Katy Siepert

Katy Siepert photo   Mrs. Siepert is our Secondary English Teacher. She attended high school at Hamilton, then college at Tarleton State University. She was active in agriculture and spent 3 years on the rodeo team. She has sixteen years of educational experience and is certified in Secondary Level Physical Education and English. 

She teaches these classes:

  • 1st period: CCR
  • 2nd period: English 4
  • 3rd period: English 2
  • 4th period: English 1
  • 5th period: 7th Grade Creative Writing
  • 6th period: English 3
  • 7th period: HS Practical Writing
  • 8th period: Conference Period is 2:54-3:40 by appointment


Katy Siepert

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